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Public Works


Public Works Department is committed to providing a high level of timely service and are called upon on a daily basis to respond to this commitment. Whether it be snowplowing of roads in freezing temperatures and high wind conditions, thawing of culverts, road construction, gravelling, sign repair and maintenance or meeting the requests of residents in emergency situations. Team members are always willing to give their best at any time to ensure the safety of residents in the Municipality and others travelling within our boundaries.

The R.M. of Swift Current Public Works staff normally consists of seven employees from May to October and one/two employees for the remaining winter months. Weather conditions significantly influence staff numbers during the winter months.

The Public Works Department operates from the maintenance shop located at 2024 South Service Road West in Swift Current.

The Municipality owns and manages a fleet of approximately 20 pieces of equipment including graders, gravel trucks, trailers, tractors, mowers, light duty trucks and other equipment.

Gravel Pit Operations and Gravel Crushing

Each year, the Municipality crushes an average of 30,000 to 40,000 cubic yards of road gravel. The gravel crushing is contracted out to private crushing contractors through a public tendering process.

An average of 350 miles of road is gravelled each year. Regular road maintenance requires approximately 200 cubic yards of gravel per mile, though this amount varies between different roads. Road grading and gravelling, each year, is done on a priority basis. Consideration is given to the road classification and the existing condition of the road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

Road Maintenance and Construction

The R.M. of Swift Current is responsible for maintenance along approximately 480 miles of grid and farm access roads, as well as approximately 15 miles of paved roads. The Municipality maintains the South and the West boundary roads.

The Public Works Department is responsible for duties associated with road construction, surfacing and maintenance. This includes new construction and upgrading, road grading, gravel production and hauling, and asphalt maintenance. The Municipality is divided into six divisions. One grader and operator is assigned to do road maintenance in two divisions.

Municipal Council reviews and approves the road construction and maintenance list annually. Road maintenance and construction is given priority based on consideration of the greatest need, the most benefit, alternate roads available and the condition of existing roads relative to the amount and type of traffic.

Road Signs

Residents are reminded that there are over two hundred intersections within the Municipality, and that not all intersections are controlled. Please watch for signs, and follow the rules of the road.

The Municipality replaces approximately forty signs and posts annually due to theft and vandalism. Please notify the R.M. office if you are aware of any damaged or missing signs at 773-7314 or email us at

The speed limit on all municipal roads is 80 km/hr unless otherwise posted.

Weight Restrictions and Road Bans

All municipal roads are restricted to Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation secondary weights unless otherwise posted.

The Municipality follows the restrictions set out by Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation in relations to spring weight restrictions.

Tree Planting and Fence Policy

A standard barbwire fence must be no further than your own property line.

Trees and shrubs must be planted 150 feet from the centre line of the road or 300 feet from the intersection of two roads.

Custom Work

Custom work services offered to residents of the Municipality include driveway construction and grading, snow removal and driveway mowing. Custom work is normally done while the equipment is in the area and is completed as time permits.

Rates: Driveway Grading – $150.00/hour
Driveway Construction – $150.00/hour
Driveway Mowing – $125.00/hour
Snow Removal – $175.00/hour with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour.

Grading and Mowing: Residents may obtain one free grading and one free mowing per year on their private laneway. To obtain this service, please call the R.M. office at 773-7314.

Snow Removal: The Municipality will snowplow the private driveway of a resident upon request. This service will be provided free of charge once a year. Snowplowing will be performed at the discretion of the Municipality, and only after the public roads have been cleared of snow.

When clearing snow in your yard, please DO NOT push or blow snow onto municipal road right-of-ways which includes the ditches.

Public Works – Application for Employment

Application for Employment can be found for download/printing in the Forms Directory.

Public Works – RM Maps for download

RM Maps can be found for download/printing in the Maps Directory.