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2023 Mill Rate

(Taxable Assessment x Mill Rate = Taxes)
2023 R.M. of Swift Current No. 137 mill rate is 4.5.

The following mill rate factor(s) shall be applied to the uniform mill rate levied against taxable land and improvements for municipal purposes:

Agriculture 1.05%
Residential 0.85%
Commercial/Industrial 1.30%

2023 Organized Hamlet of Wymark mill rate is 2.6

The following mill rate factor shall be applied to the uniform mill rate levied against all taxable property within the organized Hamlet of Wymark for municipal purposed:

Commercial/Industrial 1.30%

Education Property Tax

The province of Saskatchewan sets the mill rates for all school boards in the province. The province has established the following mill rates for 2023:

Agriculture 1.42%
Residential 4.54%
Commercial/Industrial 6.86%
Resource (oil/gas/mines/pipelines) 9.88%

These mill rates will be adjusted by the province on an annual basis.

Property Tax Calculation

For 2023, the percentages of the value that are applied to the fair value assessments in order to determine a property’s taxable assessment.

Non-arable (range) land and improvements 45%
Other agricultural land and improvements 55%
Residential (includes seasonal & multi-unit) 80%
Commercial & Industrial 85%
Elevators 85%
Railway rights of way & pipelines 85%

Property Tax Payments

The deadline for payment of taxes is December 31.

6% Discount on any current payment made before August 31.
5% Discount on any current payment made before September 30.
4% Discount on any current payment made before October 31.
2% Discount on any current payment made before November 30.

Late Payment penalties

Late payment penalties are added to property taxes that remain unpaid as of January 1st at the rate of 9% per annum, or 0.75% per month.

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Separate School Division #22

To declare your support to the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Separate School Division #22, please complete the application form and submit it to the R.M. of Swift Current office. Please note that a signed declaration from each owner of the property must be completed. An undeclared property owner will be deemed to be a public supporter.

Download School Tax Declaration Form

Do you qualify for exemption of all or a portion of the assessement of your residence?

If you occupy a dwelling in the R.M. of Swift Current, you may qualify for an exemption to reduce part or all of the taxable assessment of your principal dwelling. (Dwellings located within a hamlet are excluded).

The total assessment of any agricultural land (“N” or “A” class) you own or lease that is located in the R.M. of Swift Current or adjoining rural municipalities will be applied to reduce your residential assessment. (Leased land can only be used if the registered owner does not use it as an exemption).

The Municipal office has a record of the land owned in your name in the R.M. of Swift Current. You are required to inform the Municipality of any leased land and/or land owned in an adjoining rural municipality. You should also advise if land is owned in a spouse’s name, in joint ownership, or a company name.

Further information regarding Property Assessment and Taxation can be found on the Government of Saskatchewan website and on the SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) website.